When Your Body Alerts You: These Are The 7 Signs That Indicate A Heart Disease

Ever experience an Abdominal or chest discomfort but think there could be more to it than having Chest Pain or heart muscle inflammation? pair these 2 symptoms to the symptoms we are going to go through next and chances are you may have a heart disease. So what are the heart disease symptoms? first, let’s define what do we mean by heart disease.


Heart disease is a general term for heart disorders, there are several types of heart disorders, including valvular heart disease, cardiovascular and ischemic diseases, and other heart-related problems, the main risk factors for heart disease and stroke are unhealthy and poor diet, lack of physical activities, smoking and abusive use of alcohol, heart disease is a severe disease that can cause heart attacks that are often proved fatal, the pain related to heart disease can spread to the neck, the jaw and to the left arm, and sometimes towards the back.

Thankfully your body alarms you about the health of your heart, so if you or a close friend or relative are experiencing signs of heart disease which we’ll be going through next, you should consult your doctor immediately and examine yourself.

Sign:1 Irregular heartbeat and wheezing

Irregular heartbeat is known as Arrhythmia is an abnormality that affects the normal heartbeat rate, because of Arrhythmia the heart tends to beat too slowly too fast or irregularly, these abnormalities can affect the amount of blood the heart can pump.

Wheezing is a high-pitched noise made during breathing, this often happens on exhalation, due to a narrow respiratory tract, described as difficulties of breathing, wheezing is considered as a possible symptom of heart failure.

Remember that the symptoms of heart disease may not always be related to the weakness of your heart, you may encounter some of these symptoms due to other factors, however, be sure to leave the judgment to a professional.

Sign:2 Tiredness and weakness

Secondly, Tiredness is one of the many common symptoms of heart disease, the feeling of fatigue or lethargy is when the body is unable to continue working at typical levels. Another dimension of fatigue is sleepiness in which the individual craves to sleep at all times or suddenly falls asleep.

While fatigue and lethargy can be signs of heart disease, these symptoms can also be related to other diseases and disorders such as Type 2 diabetes and D deficiency, in all cases, you should pay a visit to your doctor if the fatigue becomes unbearable and affects your lifestyle.

Sign:3 Dizzy feeling

A Dizzy feeling is another common symptom that arises due to heart disease caused by a lack of blood flow and numbness of some body parts, in extreme cases, this symptom can lead to an acute shortage of blood supplies, that can cause fainting or loss of consciousness for a few moments.

accompanied sometimes with memory loss, in this case, the person will not be able to remember what happened a few moments ago. This could be due to a decrease in the number of blood cells in the body.

Sign:4 Neck Pain and Nausea

The feeling of Nausea and pain in the neck is common in both adults and children, this can simply be explained by a deficiency in some type of vitamin or a side effect of a medication or even stress and depression.

But in some cases.especially if the pain extended from the jaw, the left hand and to the neck, it could be a sign of a heart problem, these symptoms start at a very early stage of heart disease, neck pain and nausea are possible symptoms of heart disease or myocardial (heart attack),

Sign:5 Swollen feet and hands

Swollen feet, legs, and hands occur when muscles contract suddenly and sharply, the common muscles which contract in this way are the muscles that cross the joints.

Swollen feet and legs and hands may be an indication of heart disease caused by clogged arteries in the legs and hands due to cholesterol but it can be related to a heart disease problem, that calls for a doctor call. At times, that may occur due to insufficient oxygen supply to the leg and hand cells, and if you are exercising swollen feet can be simply caused by dehydration.

Sign:6 Chest Discomfort

The pain felt in the chest can be intense, and appear gradually, the discomfort intensifies on inspiration or while coughing, different problems can cause chest discomfort such as colon cancer, however, it is a common symptom of heart disease, therefore, it should not be rejected because.

The feeling of having a discomfort chest can be described as a painful sensation and a sharp pain in the chest but also a feeling of tightness, burning, and cramp, so if you are experiencing any kind of chest pain as described, be sure to consult your doctor.

Sign:7 Abdominal discomfort

Abdominal discomfort is one of the most crucial things to look out for, it is described as having severe and cramp pain in your middle and upper abdomen. It is also considered as a possible symptom of heart failure, this symptom can also be caused by other factors like Colon cancer, constipation, diarrhea, stress.

If that is the situation, it can be improved in some cases by drinking less caffeine, sleeping more, and reducing your alcohol intake. if the discomfort persists and you feel that you are experiencing the worst stomach of your life, it is necessary to speak with your doctor.

If you have any further questions about how to remain vigilant when it comes to dealing with heart problems, it is the right time to schedule an appointment with your trusted doctor and check yourself or your loved ones in case you show some or all of the symptoms mentioned above. the doctor will be able to offer the insights that are needed to keep you and your loved ones from experiencing the downsides that are associated with such diseases. Stay Healthy.